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What to do?

What to do when you are feeling so down?

What to do when everything around you gives negative vibes?

What to do when you were surrounded by negativity?

What to do when you all you want to do is to cry, but you can’t?

What to do when all you want to do is to lie down on your bed, but you have work to do?

What to do when you see your crush approaching your way?

What to do when it’s raining then you wear your gamosa shoes?

What to do when you open your wallet and see you have no money there?

What to do when you love someone, but he/she can’t love you back?

Why people go, or why people come?

Why we fall in love in the wrong person?

Why do we sleep?

Why there is color? Or why the rainbow don’t have color pink?


There’s a lot of question in our mind, looking and seeking for the answers. Why we always ask, when in the first place we already know the answer, why we always ask but we are afraid to know the answer, why we always ask when sometimes, we are not meant to know and understand the answer, but rather to accept it.

I must say, I have a lots or rather ton’s of question in life like (“ what’s the real color of the Zebra is it black with white stripes or white with black stripes or/ what happen to the cockroach when it’s fell down to the soap? Did the cockroach will be clean or the soap will get dirty?” ), but seeking for the answer may not be the best solution, but rather it may put us to confusion.  So when you ask be ready to know the answer, if we don’t understand the answer then it’s the time to accept it, coz “sometime its not meant to understand but rather to accept”.


KaYnez Veneration monday

bakit kaya may mga tao ng hindi marunong makaramdam? or sadyang manhid lng talaga sila o bakit kaya may mga taong wala konsiderasyon…

alam naman nila ung sitwasyon pero kung maka pag depamand sila akala mo wala kame ginagawa at nakatunganga lang,

ang sasarap pagsosoplahin ng mukha,

Haba ng Hair – Saturday

Haba ng hair




On my way home naisipan ko itxt some of my friend, sakit kasi ng mata ko kakalaro ng burger rush

Nag reply nman ung iba… then naisipan ko itext ung isa ko friend para magkape.

We decided to have coffee in starbuck erod. Since im on the area nauana ako dumating sa meeting place so habang nag aantay naisipan ko muna mag dinner sa BK & mag review na rin bilang may pagsusulit kames a aming mandarin class. So habang kumakain at nag rereview. Bigla nag ring ung cell phone ko

Me : hello, magandang gabi

Caller, hi sir, busy ba?

Me: hindi naman, bkit?

Caller: wala, dbah may promise ako syo..

Me: alin doon? Hehehehehe san ka ba ngayon?

Caller: ung kakantahan kita…. Dito pa ako sa office

Me: ah ok, hindi ko xpect na ngayon mo gagawin, akala ko nga sa bday ko pa. hehehehe

Caller: ok lng pwede naman maulit hehehehehe.. kaya lng wag ka tatawa ha hindi ako ganon kagaling kumanta,

Me: ok cge,

Caller: cge alam mo ba ito? (may background song pa)

Me: oo kaya lng nakalimutan ko ung tittle

Caller: cge kanta na ako

Oh, love of my life
Destined forever
I will be right here
By your side
No falling tears
When we’re together
You know the joy
You bring to me


Never, there’ll be no other
We’ll share as lovers
Right from the heart
From my mind to your soul
I will give it to you girl
My every little thing
That I’m more than willing
I will give to you

Forever starts from now
I promise you
Lovin’ you is all
That I can do
No one can take it
Away from me
Nobody but you

Now is the time stars will be bright
Our bodies will groove
All through the night
Come take my hand
Then we will fly high
Come on baby hear me say

Repeat Refrain:
Repeat Chorus


There’ll be no time
For sad goodbyes
Without you here
I can’t get by
Don’t you go away

Repeat Refrain:
Repeat Chorus

Me: kinikilig habang nakikinig sa caller

Caller pasensya na sir ha medyo malat pa ako eh

Me: naku ok lng akala ko nga original noong una kita narinig (infairness magaling kumanta akala ko talaga original song)

Caller: cge sir nxt time ulit, lapit na rin bday mo

Me: ok cge see you soon… ingat and godbless (habang uber kilig)


Hahahahahahaha…. First time na may kumanta sa akin sa phone. So happy, and so kilig,….. bigla nawala ung pagod ko at ung antok ko……..